Wood Club

Over the past year we have really appreciated the support members have shown for the WomenzShed’s Wood Club, and it has been a pleasure watching everyone’s learning and confidence grow, but sadly we need to put our Membership on hold, for now at least.

If you are looking for other spaces to carry out your project work, there are a number of options including:

  • joining a local community shed such as the Auckland Central Community Shed
  • enquiring to join a ‘Men’s Shed‘ some of whom welcome women as members too
  • check out local maker spaces such as Hackland in Auckland
  • if you have the space but not necessarily all the tools, you can join and hire what you need from local tool libraries such as Auckland Library of Tools who’s rates are usually much cheaper than the commercial hire shops (not to mention being better for the environment)


If it’s wood you’re trying to source there are a few options:

  • check out local salvage yards
  • search for companies who recycle as part of the their business model; we’ve recently connected with Resusable Resources who do pop up sales as well as viewings by appointment only
  • saw mills can be worth a visit (Cypress Sawmill is close to Auckland)
  • pallets are often discarded along the roadside especially in industrialised areas and provide a free source (if you have the time and patience to take them apart). Check for the IPPC stamp on the pallet. The code ‘HT DB’ means heat treated to 56°C and debarked, which is safe to use. The letters ‘MB’ means the pallet was treated with the toxic fumigant and pesticide methyl bromide. See www.1001pallets.com/pallet-safety for more info.
  • if you’re looking for treated wood, building sites usually have heaps of off-cuts – just check with the site manager before you go diving into any bins

Join our local WomenzShed FB Community where you can ask others for their suggestions too.

We’ll let you know via social media when we plan to revisit opening up our membership again.