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Learning woodwork and DIY skills is a never ending journey.  Wood is a natural and versatile material which is used extensively in NZ homes.  Learning to build a shelf, for example, provides you with skills and knowledge that can be applied to other home and garden projects. Practice grows confidence, and we want to offer the opportunity to do just that with a Membership of the WomenzShed Wood Club.

Becoming a Member of the Wood Club allows you to practice skills you may have learnt from our workshops, as well as try new skills by working on individual projects under the close supervision of an experienced instructor.

Unlike memberships of community sheds and other maker spaces where learning is predominantly passive, our team actively guides your learning.

We aim to support women who have started their woodwork, DIY or trade journey and are looking to gain more experience.

Check out our FAQs (frequently asked questions) below if you wish to learn more.

Numbers are limited so if you’re keen to secure your place, please sign up sooner rather than later.

Member FAQs

What does Membership of Wood Club give you?

Our first Membership trial is aimed at women who wish to continue their workshop learning journey under the guidance of a supervisor.  It gives you access to their knowledge as well as all the tools and machinery in the extensive workshop, and the opportunity to learn how to use these effectively and safely in a supportive environment.  

How much does Membership cost?

Membership costs between $100-$150 per term (10 weeks long approximately in line with schools).  You choose your payment based on your ability to pay.  This flexible price model aims to enable women on a lower-income to join our Membership sessions.  

What does the fee cover?

The membership fee pays for workshop rental costs, tools and machinery wear and tear, use of consumables*, and guidance from a supervisor.  Numbers will initially be limited to 12.

What can I bring in to work on?

Members can bring in their projects to work on.  Examples include shelves, chopping boards, drawers to fix, boxes, stools, etc.  The limiting factor is that projects must be suitable for the space available but do also consider its complexity.  A set of drawers, for example, is tricky even for an experienced woodworker so if you’re relatively new to woodworking, starting with something simple is the best way to go.

What if I don’t have anything to work on?

We are working on providing ideas for projects if you don’t feel ready to ‘have a go’ at creating your own.  

Why are numbers limited?

We want our Members to feel they get value for money.  By limiting the number of people who use the space, we can ensure there is the time to provide meaningful support to everyone and that machines are available to use.

Do I have to attend every session?

No. You pay for a 8-10 week period but if you can’t make any days, you are not obliged to come in.

I think I would prefer to join the Community Shed. Can I do that instead?

Yes! We are affiliated with Auckland Central Community Shed who take on both women and men (particularly retirees) though they usually require you to have enough relevant skills to work reasonably independently.

Is there anything else I need to know? 

We’ve got a few terms and conditions which you have to agree to!  Don’t worry though, it’s not like the ones you get when you sign up to a search engine.  We simply want everyone to feel responsible for a safe and healthy environment.

* consumables include PVA and sandpaper

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