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We know how different life can be for different women. Whether you’re currently juggling an endless list of responsibilities, needing to do something just for yourself, looking to learn a new skill, or simply wanting to be part of a group of like-minded women, that’s why we’re working towards offering different workshops to suit a range of life-stages, interests and commitments.

​If you work full-time our Saturday workshops will probably suit you. If you’re a MUM (Multi-skilled Unpaid Miracle worker) or a lucky retiree, maybe Thursdays will be better.

Either way, not only do we have small group sizes to create the space for personal interactions and support between both instructors and attendees, our pace of instruction and support aims to give everyone the confidence needed to use a wide range of woodworking hand-tools, power-tools and machinery to make, create, fix and repair.

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Introduction to the wood workshop

Perfect for novices or anyone wishing to upskill, particularly in power-tools and machinery.

Cool Stool, Kids Desk or Laptop table?

Adapt this simple design to create something to suit you. You’ll practice use of the table saw as well as jigsaws, hole-saws, drops saws plus drills and drivers and sanders.

Tiny houses - the big picture

If you’re thinking of building a tiny house then this is the workshop for you. Our first session is an introduction to discuss planning and what’s involved and give attendees a chance to ask our very experienced instructor, Marie, the questions you can’t find on the internet.