Community work

Supporting local

Our community

We are a growing non-profit enterprise and are working to support our community in a number of ways.

  • Education and Training
    Often for gender or cultural reasons, women | wāhine have missed out on learning woodworking and DIY skills. We offer an unrivalled hands-on experience of power tools and machinery to address this and have a growing range of workshops.
  • Empowerment and well-being
    Being able to create or fix something is remarkably empowering.  The skills we share are not only of practical use, but also highly supportive of mental well-being.  This has long been recognised by organisations like the International Mens Sheds Organisation including in New Zealand.
  • Environment
    We partner with groups including Urban Ark – Manawa Taiao for whom we build items to support their mission to create urban spaces where native species can thrive; and BirdCare Aotearoa who provide care and rehabilitation for sick, injured and orphaned wild birds.
  • Community Groups
    We support local community groups including SPiCE (Sandringham Project in Community Empowerment), and Kakamai Brownies by building items such as community pantries | pātaka kai or hosting events where young girls can experience using power tools.
  • Women in Trades
    We’re passionate about empowering and guiding more women to pursue trades. Through sharing our knowledge and experiences, we not only teach women woodworking skills but also cultivate a community where they become role models, inspiring others and demonstrating that anyone can succeed in this field.