Wood Club Terms and Conditions

  • Eligibility

Termly membership is available to women | wāhine aged 18 years and over and is conditional upon either a) having attended an introductory skills workshop or b) having some knowledge and experience of a range of power tools and machinery. 

  • Membership Applications

Members must a) register via Humanitix confirming acceptance of these terms and conditions of Membership b) complete an online/in person health and safety induction and c) pay the Membership fee. 

  • Membership Safety

Safety of our Members is paramount.  With this in mind Members must abide by the following conditions of their Membership at all times:

  1. Only operate power tools and machinery in the workshop when a WomenzShed supervisor or nominated supervisor is present.
  2. Seek guidance if unsure about machinery or tool use or if unfamiliar with the equipment.  
  3. Large machines including tables saws, drop saws, planers, etc must not be used for the first time without first seeking guidance of a WomenzShed supervisor.

  • Membership Expectations

Members of WomenzShed are expected to:

  1. act at all times in a manner consistent with and supportive of the WomenzShed kaupapa
  2. be responsible for their own personal safety and safety of others who may be affected when operating machines or doing work in the workshops
  3. provide reasonable assistance when requested by other Members
  4. help to maintain a safe and tidy workshop by cleaning up areas after use* by and returning equipment to storage in a good state ready for use by the next Member

* Members are expected to clean machines they use after their last use/before they leave the workshop. If the machine is waiting to be used by, or in use by another Member, discuss with them who will do the cleaning.

  • Project Guidelines

The following applies to personal projects being undertaken at WomenzShed:

  1. Members may bring in their own projects to work upon provided they are suitable for the workspace available.  Please seek guidance from WomenzShed supervisors if you are unsure.
  2. Due to limited space, Members are not able to store their projects at the workshop.
  3. Members must not carry out work at the workshop for commercial purposes.
  4. Members must supply their own wood*. Scrap cut offs are available for use if needed.
  5. Members are able to use reasonable amounts of workshop PVA glue and sandpaper, and there is a backup supply of nails and screws, but Members should bring in the consumables they need eg nails and screws for their own use. 

* There is some wood for use at the Community Shed which can be used but please put a koha in their collection box if you do decide to take some.

  • Indemnity

Every Member joins WomenzShed and takes part in Shed activities entirely at their own risk and no Member may make any claim against WomenzShed or any officer, Member, servant, or authorised agent thereof for any injury or loss suffered by any such Member through her participation in the activities of WomenzShed notwithstanding that such injury or loss may have been caused by negligence of WomenzShed or of any officer, servant or authorised agent thereof.

  • Cessation of Membership

Membership shall cease in any of the following:

  1. Immediately upon giving notice of resignation to WomenzShed; or
  2. by failing to pay Membership fees; or 
  3. by suspension or expulsion pursuant to paragraph 8; or
  4. by the demise of the Member.

  • Expulsion of Members

WomenzShed may suspend or expel any Member if, in the opinion of the WomenzShed Trustees after due and proper enquiry during which the said Member shall have been heard in her defence, such Member has been conducting themselves prejudicially to the interests of WomenzShed.

If a Member is to be expelled, a Special Meeting must be called to which the Member to be expelled shall be invited to attend and make a written submission to refute any allegations.

The Member to be expelled must be given the opportunity to defend herself.

Within 5 days of the Special Meeting, WomenzShed Trustees shall provide a decision as to the Member’s status and the Member must be informed in writing of the decision.

  • Refunds of Membership Fees

Membership fees are usually non-refundable within one week of the new Term starting except under special circumstances.   Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to: serious illness, death, family crisis.

To request a refund a request in writing must be submitted to WomenzShed.

Any such refunds shall be at the sole discretion of WomenzShed.

  • Register of Members

WomenzShed shall maintain a register of all Members. The register shall record Members’ contact details including suburb, date/year of birth, Membership dates, and payment of fees. All personal information shall be held by WomenzShed as per the Privacy Statement found on the WomenzShed website.